Please note the journal has recently changed its name to the Journal of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.  The journal  strives to serve as an international resource for scientific publications on the epidemiology, neurobiology, psychology and sociology of fetal alcohol toxicity.  It was felt the journal needed to re-focus its direction and name,  given the changing perceptions in the area of FASD.  Strong emphasis is now placed on intervention, prevention, diagnosis, welfare and justice.  In the future we will be publishing more themed issues related to specifc topics that re-enforce this new direction.  We always welcome new submissions for consideration as well as proposals for themed special issues.  As always, all material is first considered based on the focus and scope of the topic, before move to a double blind, two person peer review process.

Vol. 4 No. 1 (2022): JFASD

Published: 2022-06-15

Developing local Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder diagnostic services and Models of Care in Australia

Kirsten R. Panton, James P. Fitzpatrick, Deepa Jeyaseelan, Sarah Hill, Carmela F. Pestell


Comprehensive Clinical Paediatric Assessment of Children and Adolescents Sentenced to Detention in Western Australia

Raewyn Mutch, Jacinta Freeman, Natalie Kippin, Bernadette Safe, Carmela Pestell, Hayley Passmore, Sharynne Hamilton, Helen Shield, Emma Argiro, Candace Rainsford, Carmen Condon, Roslyn Gigilia, Rochelle Watkins, Rhonda Marriot, carol bower


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