Published: 2019-01-22


Effects of Isolated or Enriched Housing at Adolescence Upon Ethanol Intake and Anxiety Responses, In Rats Exposed to Prenatal Ethanol

Paula Di Doi, Macarena Soledad Fernández, Paola Haeger Soto, Ricardo Pautassi
Abstract 660 | pdf Downloads 278 | DOI

Page e1-e12

Understanding Contraceptive Behaviour to Prevent Unintended Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies

Natasha Reid, Chun-Chi Chen, Anne Bernard, Frances O'Callaghan
Abstract 609 | pdf Downloads 318 | DOI

Page e13-e22

Predictors of Alcohol Use Disorders in Argentinean Pregnant Women

Mariana Beatriz López, Aldana Lichtenberger, Mariana Cremonte
Abstract 664 | pdf Downloads 272 | DOI

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